Vidigal: Portuguese wines in Malta!

“The best possible wine at the lowest possible price.”

Whilst on holiday in Portugal, our director David came across this incredible brand of wine – Vidigal wines – offering a range of high-quality red, white and rosé wines at affordable prices. Their Brutalis Cabernet Sauvignon has just recently been awarded as one of the best wines in the world during Vivino’s Wine Style Awards 2018 by their global community of 26-million wine lovers. And now we’re bringing this incredible selection of wine to Malta.

David feels that “there is something about wine that brings families together around the table, that makes friends laugh with each other and that bring couples closer in that intimate sharing of their favourite wine.” Portugal has a huge wine tradition that goes back for centuries, with Douro being the oldest wine demarcated region in Portugal, with more than 250 autochthonous grapes – some of which can’t be found nowhere else in the world! Wine in Portugal is much more than a product; it’s a culture, it’s a tradition, and most of all, it’s a feeling.

“My wife and I had this feeling when we visited Porto earlier this year – so much that we decided to bring the feeling back with us and share it with everyone. We chose Vidigal wines because we were blown away by their selection. We have our favourite and look forward to finding out which one is your favourite too.”

Vidigal are a family-run, medium-sized wine company located in the centre of Portugal (near the city of Leiria). They were established in the beginning of the 20th Century and throughout the last 100 years, the company had several different owners. Their latest Managing Director António Mendes Lopes took the company into the 21st Century by introducing new management and technological advances which allow them to produce over 3-million bottles of wine annually.

Vidigal is one of the top exporting wine companies in Portugal, but somehow hadn’t managed to make its way to Malta until now! They sell in over 30 countries and for 5 consecutive years they were the biggest wine selling company in Norway – an achievement that no other Portuguese company has ever accomplished.

The majority of wines Vidigal produce are in the region of Lisbon with over 1,112 acres of vineyards. They can also be found in other Portuguese wine regions such as Tagus, Douro, Alentejo, Dão, Beiras and Vinho Verde. Vidigal use vineyards close to the Atlantic Ocean allowing the sea breeze to influence their wines and thus presenting us with a range of wines that are fresh and always very fruity.

The main grape varieties used by Vidigal are: Touriga Nacional, Aragonez (Tinta Roriz), Castelão, Syrah and Cabernet.

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