Portuguese Wine

A quick break-down

Portugal has been exporting its wine all over the world since the Roman Empire and with good reason! Portugal has a huge variety of different wines, from different regions with distinctive personalities.

The broad range of Portuguese grape varietals can affect wine differentiation as significantly as the soil and climate, producing distinctive wines from the Northern regions to Madeira Islands.

Vidigal Wines offer a number of rich, unfortified wines from different regions of Portugal. The region of Douro, long famous as the source of port wine, brings us some delicious white and red varieties. In the past they were considered to be a bitter tasting wine. The Dona Belmira White, for example, is made of 60% Viosinho, 20% Semillon and 20% Malvasia Fina and comes from the steep hills of Douro offering a transparent, fresh, medium body white with a dash of finesse. On the other hand the 3 Autores Douro Red is made of 50% Touriga Franca, 30% Tinta Roriz and 20% Touriga Nacional and offers a fruity, light body with a soft and spicy finale.

The Tejo region is located in the very heart of Portugal, a short drive from the capital city of Lisbon. Viticulture has deep roots in Tejo and it is heralded as one of the oldest wine producing regions in the country. Tejo wines are some of the most vibrant and affordable emerging from Portugal today, and offer a diverse array of styles that appeal to a variety of tastes and budgets. Vidigal’s Dom Dinis Regional Tejo consists of 45% Castelão, 35% Tinta Roriz and 20% Trincadeira Preta and is a medium bodied red wine with a fruity aroma and vegetal hints.

Vinho Verde is the biggest DOC of Portugal, up in the cool, rainy, verdant north west. Vinho Verde derived its name from the fact that the grapes used are ‘green’ meaning slightly under-ripe. The vines grow in fertile, granite soils along rivers that flow from the mountains of the east to burst out into the ocean between golden surfing beaches. Vinho Verde is still distinguished by its high acidity. Flavour depends on the grape varieties used – floral Loureiro, steely Trajadura, mineral Arinto (known here as Pedernã), creamy and mineral Avesso, and the fine, mineral, subtly fragrant Alvarinho. Vidigal’s Shocking Vinho Verde Branco wine consists of 50% Loureiro, 40% Trajadura and 10% Arinto. It has a pale citric colour with green tones and is transparent and fruity with hints of tropical fruits and flowers. There is also a pleasant aftertaste with a light sweetness to it.

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