Portuguese Wine

A quick break-down Portugal has been exporting its wine all over the world since the Roman Empire and with good reason! Portugal has a huge variety of different wines, from different regions with distinctive personalities. The broad range of Portuguese grape varietals can affect wine differentiation as significantly as the soil and climate, producing distinctive […]

Buying Fairtrade® Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages with around 125 million people worldwide depending on it for their livelihoods! 80% of the coffee consumed is produced by 25 million smallholder farmers, the majority of whom are still unable to earn a reliable living from the coffee they produce. That is where Fairtrade® comes […]

Vidigal: Portuguese wines in Malta!

“The best possible wine at the lowest possible price.” Whilst on holiday in Portugal, our director David came across this incredible brand of wine – Vidigal wines – offering a range of high-quality red, white and rosé wines at affordable prices. Their Brutalis Cabernet Sauvignon has just recently been awarded as one of the best […]

Who are Piel Frama?

The story of Piel Frama Piel Frama have been handcrafting leather goods since 1975. They were the first in the world to make luxury leather cases for mobile phones having created their first leather case for a Motorola and Hitachi phones in 1984. Today they have over 35 years of experience in developing and designing high-quality […]

Are pellet stoves the heating of the future?

Considered as a highly effective and efficient solution to heating your home, pellet stoves can drastically reduce humidity levels and offer a cozy and pleasant ambience while reducing your bills. Pellet stoves work best in smaller homes, which means that you are unlikely to warm up your whole house with just one stove. Having said […]

Migrating your office PBX to a hosted platform

Any operational changes to core business systems can generate uncertainty, scepticism, hesitancy and at times, outright fear. However, losing your PBX and hardware and moving your business phone system to a hosted platform need not be a complicated affair. Read along to see what factors should be taken into account and the reasons as to […]