Migrating your office PBX to a hosted platform

Any operational changes to core business systems can generate uncertainty, scepticism, hesitancy and at times, outright fear. However, losing your PBX and hardware and moving your business phone system to a hosted platform need not be a complicated affair. Read along to see what factors should be taken into account and the reasons as to why doing so might be a better option for your business.


Hosted vs on-premise PBX: the differences

In contrast to an on-premise PBX which is physically deployed at your office(s) and taken care of by dedicated IT staff who have complete control of the system, with a hosted PBX the provider is responsible for housing the IP-PBX together with handling the technology needed in order to provide the services to the phone system and any maintenance that may be required from time to time. Desk sets are plugged into a router and the calls, signaling and features are handled through an IP-PBX server at the provider’s location.



Reasons for going with a hosted PBX

  • Cost-effectiveness, same cutting-edge features:

With just a relatively low, fixed, monthly cost you can enjoy the same voice quality and features without the hardware costs.

  • No maintenance:

A hosted PBX is the best option if you desire to eliminate much of the time and resources needed to maintain your communication system.

  • Better security:

With your hosted telephony supplier in charge of your system’s security, both disaster recovery plans and physical security are taken care of for you. This means no downtime, more happy customers.

  • Scalability and flexibility are key:

With unlimited scalability, integrated technology and seamless mobility, a hosted PBX helps you focus on what matters most – delivering outstanding services for better customer satisfaction.

  • No employee training needed:

With no changes in making or receiving calls from on-site PBXs, employees can simply get on with their work.


When you should keep your PBX at the office

Yet, if you are wondering whether holding on to your on-premise PBX is the better option, these are the factors that come to play:

  • Your PBX is new:

If you still have an active warranty and a dedicated IT person to manage your phone system, keeping your PBX in-house might be a good idea.

  • Unique features tailored specifically for you:

If you have unique features that are crucial to your core business processes, then it might be worth considering holding on to your PBX.


As the technology behind telephony has evolved and changed by leaps and bounds, a hosted PBX system might be the better and smarter solution to maintaining your strategic edge. And as your focus should be managing your business, having a provider oversee your phone system will allow you to do just that.


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