Key trends for your living room

Whether you are into contemporary, french country, transitional or rustic, the living room is the centre of the home, serving as a retreat for unwinding after a long tough day and an entertainment hub for all the family. As the new year is upon us it is high time to have a look at the key trends and transform your living room to one-of-a-kind.



Out with the bare walls and in with the wall art

Let’s face it, nobody likes staring at a bare wall. Don’t let that blank space go to waste. Wall art and frames are the obvious go-to elements to spruce your space but the choice does not end there. Mirrors and wall decals can also add that little something, while for minimalism lovers simple shelving can do the trick.



Patterned Plants

If you like bringing the outside inside, then houseplants are a great way of adding a breath of fresh air in any type of living room. Acting as natural air purifiers, the benefits of having plants indoors are many and patterned plants, such as the popular maranta or the calathea freddie create further interest with their vibrant, patterned foliage and hints of colour.



The rug is a must

Acting as an invisible divider between various areas, a rug can help a living room look and feel more inviting and cozy. Size, however, matters here. Opt for a rug that is too small or too large for your space and it will fail to serve as a focal point to the room.



Statement ceilings

Also dubbed as the fifth wall of a room, the ceiling is the ultimate canvas to transform your living room from the top down. Bold paint is the first thing that comes to mind but you can also up the wow factor with intricate wallpaper, elaborate texture or even a bold lighting fixture.


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