Buying Fairtrade® Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages with around 125 million people worldwide depending on it for their livelihoods! 80% of the coffee consumed is produced by 25 million smallholder farmers, the majority of whom are still unable to earn a reliable living from the coffee they produce.

That is where Fairtrade® comes in.

With Fairtrade®, certified coffee producer organisations are guaranteed to receive the Fairtrade Minimum Price for their coffee – this aims to cover their production costs and can protect them when market prices fall below a sustainable level. Fairtrade® farmers are also requested by the Fairtrade® organisation to use at least 25% of their Fairtrade Premium to enhance productivity and quality.

By choosing fair-trade coffee you are choosing to support farmers in fighting challenges they might face that are impacting their business and quality of life, such as climate change, low and unpredictable incomes, and in some communities there may not even be enough food available for 3-4 months a year.

Melitta® uses coffee beans which are grown ecologically in highland regions of South and Central America with particularly suitable climates. Ecological farming aims to produce healthy, natural foods, whilst at the same time protecting ecosystems. Their range of delectable coffees are 100% ecologically farmed, 100% Fairtrade® and then roasted in a typically Italian way. They include a full-bodied Espresso, a golden-brown Café Crème and a smooth Roasted Coffee. 


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