We are starting with a limited range but we hope to expand.

If you have a product you wish to sell contact us on sales@piggyegg.com.

Our Story

No. The name PiggyEgg has nothing to do with what it is we do.

To us “PiggyEgg” means Overindulgence. It was the name given to the cheesiest omelette we used to eat together as a family. That’s what this website is about – a variety of products available for you to overindulge in. We find the best and make it available to you.

With the aim to tap into the online marketplace, Piggyegg.com is a new shopping mall and your one stop shop for anything you need. With products ranging from VoIP telephones, home decor and furniture, luxury leather goods to wood stove pellets … the range of products being sold from our website just keeps growing and growing!

Piggyegg.com is part of the Vanilla Group along with Maltashopper Limited, Vanilla Telecoms Ltd and Cempilli.com